Und folgst Du myMONK schon bei Instagram?

Warum wenden sich Menschen Gott zu oder Buddha, erlernen Yoga oder Zazen? Ganz gleich. Sagt der Bestsellerautor Paolo Coelho.

So schreibt er in „Joining the spiritual path„:

Many emotions move the human heart when it decides to dedicate itself to the spiritual path.

This may be a “noble” reason – like faith, love of our neighbor, or charity.

Or it may be just a whim, the fear of loneliness, curiosity, or the fear of death. None of that matters. The true spiritual path is stronger than the reasons that led us to it and little by little it imposes itself with love, discipline and dignity.

Zum Artikel geht’s hier.

Was denkst (und fühlst) Du über Spiritualität?


Photo: Leland Francisco